Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thank You Stylish Muslimah

Assalamu alaikum,

I sent a request to another blogger whose blog is about stylish modest Islamic clothing...

She actually did try to find something, and when she couldn't, she tried to come up with something

I appreciate it, really I do.

I'm internally really conflicted about the skirt issue. When I converted I was under the impression that a very long shirt with loose pants would be fine. Now I'm hearing that a skirt is the only way to really be modest. Unless the pants are so loose that they look like a skirt. :(

A lovely woman named Joyce that I found on muslima sewing blog had this to say to me: "My attitude is not to sweat the small stuff and make Islam harder than what it was intended to be......It's all about intention."

I find this to be somewhat comforting, although I know there are people that would argue with her. I want to ride AND still be modest. When I do give in and take another set of riding lessons, I try to be as modest as I can. Even before converting I never noticed anyone looking at my riding pants inappropriately. The vast majority of people around me when I have worn riding breeches were women, and even with a few males scattered around I was basically just one in a sea of girls wearing the same thing. I supposed we looked rather scruffy though.

Finding a women's only swim time is difficult enough in the US. Imagine trying to find a women only barn...they are essentially a female domain (the ones I have been to), but it is hard to avoid having some male support staff - a vet, a farrier, the people that bring hay...


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  1. Salam Nora,
    Boy am I glad you asked that blogger ideas for riding clothes. I want to start showing and I wasn't sure what to wear. Seeing those creative photos gave me some ideas. Where in the US are you? I am taking dressage and since my instructor is female, I wear breeches and a knee-length shirt. The only male workers are those who clean the stall. But yeah I have to start thinking of riding in front of male judges and spectators .

    I live in Mt Vernon, WA. What kind of horse riding did you do before? I am really glad I found another Muslim female who enjoys riding too. :D